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5 qualities employers look for

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5 Qualities employers look for in a candidate

Decision makers have a list of qualities in mind when they are hiring for a new role. Below are just a few of the qualities that employers could be looking for in their next employee. 

  1. Someone who knows what they want
    Employers like to see a candidate that is driven by the things they have learned and the things they want from their future career. Having an outlined plan of what you expect the next 5 years of your career to look like is a great talking point for any interview. 
  2. Employees who want more than a pay check
    Not everyone works in their dream role but it’s easy to assume that an employer will want to hire someone that shows enthusiasm for the role they will be performing and not just the money. Someone who has their own ideas and wants to try new things is more attractive than a candidate that wants to stay inside the box. 
  3. Confidence
    Employers not only look for confidence but confidence in one’s own abilities. Being knowledgeable and experienced in the role you are applying for doesn’t mean much if you can’t express your confidence in being able to perform the role duties. 
  4. Integrity
    Probably one of the most important qualities you take with you in to new roles, it begins by being true to yourself. Being honest and able to accept your own strengths and weaknesses and admit any mistakes you’ve made, shows great integrity to any future employer.
  5. Likeability
    Employers want to like you and you can easily ensure that happens just by being warm and friendly. Have a good personality and make sure that the interviewer knows you’ll be a great addition to their company and the team. 

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